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Assessor Job opportunities and freelancers

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Analysing the Specific or Learning Outcome

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• What does the outcome indicate learners need to know and be able to do?
• What will need to be assessed according to the assessment criteria for this outcome?
• What content/subject matter will be needed by the learner? (check the underpinning knowledge and the content that is implicit in the
• Identify and select activities that will enable learners to achieve the outcome and meet the assessment criteria (use the venn diagram for ideas for assessment activities)
• Select appropriate teaching strategies/methods/approaches which will get learners to the point where they can produce the evidence of learning which is required.
• If the outcome has a range statement, do your selected activities sufficiently cover the requirements of the range statement?
• Sequence the activities and decide on the duration of each.
• How many assessment activities would result in the learner producing sufficient evidence to meet the outcome/s? Consult SAQA’s document Guidelines for the

• Decide what resources/materials learners will need in order to do the learning and assessment activities.
• Once you have identified suitable activities or ideas, you may feel that you need specialised assistance with writing up the activity more creatively. Try to form learning/writing teams where the creative work can be shared, because you will all bring different strengths to the development task.

Sharing and Reflecting

Once you have dealt with one outcome, you may wish to share your work if you are working in smaller teams. It is a good idea to put activities onto flipcharts so they can be seen side by side. This helps to identify overlaps of content and skills and enables you to design activities which integrate outcomes or assessment criteria within the unit standard.