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Criteria for the approval of an Assessment Quality Partner

The QCTO will appoint an entity as an assessment quality partner only if it is satisfied that the entity has: i.      The necessary expertise, experience and standing in relation to the occupational qualifications or foundational learning for which the assessment quality partner is appointed; and ii.      the resources necessary to perform its functions In terms of clause of the QCTO Delegation Policy, 22 June 2011 the criteria have been defined in detail as follows: i.     be  recommended  to  the  QCTO  by  the  relevant      DQP  during  the occupational                           development  process at a point  when they submit  an occupational profile. Possible evidence: letter of recommendation from [...]

Components of a successful employee learning experience

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Based on adult learning principles, here is a checklist for a successful employee learning experience:

    The goals of the employee training or development program are clear
    The employees are involved in determining the knowledge, skills and abilities to be learned
    The employees are participating in activities during the learning process
    The work experiences and knowledge that employees bring to each learning situation are used as a resource
    A practical and problem-centered approach based on real examples is used
    New material is connected to the employee’s past learning and work experience
    The employees are given an opportunity to reinforce what they learn by practicing
    The learning environment is informal, safe and supportive
    The individual employee is shown respect
    The learning opportunity promotes positive self-esteem