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Which bodies could become national Assessment Quality Partners

The need to establish an AQP arises from the development of an occupational qualification. A body that has the necessary credibility in the relevant constituency (industry/sector/profession) must be identified to manage External Integrated Summative Assessment by conducting the AQP functions listed above. Depending on their current functions and areas of expertise any of the following existing bodies may  be  appointed  as  Assessment  Quality  Partners  for  specific  occupations  or groups of occupations: Moderating Bodies Examining Bodies Professional Bodies Legislated Boards Occupational Associations Note: If there are no such bodies with a specific interest in the relevant occupation, a SETA o[...]

Disciplinary Hearing Course

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Disciplinary Hearing Course
Disciplinary Hearing Training PUBLIC Schedule for this course:  Click here COURSE SUMMARY Short name: Disciplinary Hearing Training Full description: Conduct a disciplinary hearing Accredited: Yes, Public SETA NQF Accredited SETA: Public Education & Training Authority (P Seta) NQF: 5 Credits: 15 Duration: 3 days Re-Assessment fees: None Assignment extensions: Up to 18 months at no additional cost. Hidden […]
Link: Disciplinary Hearing Course