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Which bodies could become national Assessment Quality Partners

The need to establish an AQP arises from the development of an occupational qualification. A body that has the necessary credibility in the relevant constituency (industry/sector/profession) must be identified to manage External Integrated Summative Assessment by conducting the AQP functions listed above. Depending on their current functions and areas of expertise any of the following existing bodies may  be  appointed  as  Assessment  Quality  Partners  for  specific  occupations  or groups of occupations: Moderating Bodies Examining Bodies Professional Bodies Legislated Boards Occupational Associations Note: If there are no such bodies with a specific interest in the relevant occupation, a SETA o[...]

The weighting of Learning Programmes

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The weighting of learning programmes refers to the percentage of time allocated to a specific learning programme. The Mathematics and Languages Learning Areas would be distinct learning programmes and will form the basis from which all other learning will take place. Other learning programmes could also address some of the learning outcomes and assessment standards required in the Mathematics and Language Learning Areas, thus facilitating total integration of the learning process across the eight Learning Areas.

Purposes for weighting is to:
• Give learners optimal opportunity to show their competence in achieving the learning outcomes, and
• Provide groups of learners who need intervention of a temporary nature the opportunity to engage with certain aspects of the curriculum.