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Criteria for the approval of an Assessment Quality Partner

The QCTO will appoint an entity as an assessment quality partner only if it is satisfied that the entity has: i.      The necessary expertise, experience and standing in relation to the occupational qualifications or foundational learning for which the assessment quality partner is appointed; and ii.      the resources necessary to perform its functions In terms of clause of the QCTO Delegation Policy, 22 June 2011 the criteria have been defined in detail as follows: i.     be  recommended  to  the  QCTO  by  the  relevant      DQP  during  the occupational                           development  process at a point  when they submit  an occupational profile. Possible evidence: letter of recommendation from [...]

Who can accompany the safety representative?

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To make the inspection more meaningful and to help ensure that the necessary improvements are made, the safety representative might usefully be accompanied by the employer or employer’s representative during inspections. It might be appropriate, for example, for the safety and health manager/safety officer/adviser to be present to give advice on technical safety and health matters. It might also be necessary to protect the safety representative’s own safety and health during inspection.

Following inspection, the safety representative should have the opportunity to discuss safety and health matters in confidence with the employees that he or she represents.